Holistic Medicine Practitioner AYURVEDA Yoga Oakland CA


+ Ayurvedic-inspired Products and Services +

Through personalized wellness services and handcrafted Ayurvedic products, Elemental Alchemy offers a holistic health approach that reawakens your own innate wisdom of health and transformation.

Weaving the ancient practices of Ayurveda and yoga with Western lifestyle, Elemental Alchemy is a pathway back to your inner healer. It serves to help you rediscover complete health by consciously connecting with your natural rhythms and cultivating awareness for what nourishes your body and makes you thrive.

Within each of us lives a wellspring of health; a genesis that is whole, harmonious, balanced. 




Rediscover complete health by connecting with your natural rhythms and cultivating awareness for what nourishes your body and makes you thrive.

Whether the quest for truth, understanding or happier living,  self-development is the common thread in all personal paths, the root of their unfolding.

The wisdom of Ayurvedic cooking can turn your pantry into an apothecary and transform comfort foods into healthy, everyday staples.

Workshops and urban retreats are relaxed and intimate occasions that support aligning mind and body with daily & seasonal rhythms.


Sachi Doctor is a holistic health educator based in Oakland, CA. She comes from a lineage of Indian healers and doctors and blends Ayurvedic principles and yogic philosophy with plant-based medicine to help clients connect cultivate awareness of what makes them thrive.

Imbued in both Eastern tradition and Western culture since childhood, ancient healing practices and modern medical systems have shaped Sachi's understanding of mind-body health. Marrying the wisdom of these two worlds, she offers clients an approachable and sustainable path toward holistic wellness. In creating space to explore what works for each individual, she strives to help individuals find — and tap into — the rich source of healing within themselves. Sachi believes that by enlivening the physical body while liberating the mind, these practices can act as a vehicle for becoming more intimate with oneself and the world. Read more...

Areas of Specialization include:

  • Gut-Brain Axis
  • Inflammation & Autoimmunity
  • Hormone Imbalance
  • Stress-induced Anxiety