Cooking Classes & Dinners

"Maybe the most sacred space in your home is not your altar or yoga mat, or the chair by the window where you meditate and pray. Maybe the most sacred room in your house is the kitchen.” 


Turn your pantry into an apothecary and transform comfort foods into healthy staples by tapping into the wisdom of Ayurvedic cooking. You will learn how to cook delicious, nutritious meals with ease and confidence, increasing healing and harmony every day, with every meal.

Ayurvedic cooking is both a science and an art. The foods used are not just flavorful and aromatic; they maximize the healing properties of each ingredient, facilitating health in the mind-body. No matter your temperament or lifestyle, classes will explore beneficial cooking principles to alleviate pain, ease tension, and keep seasonal viruses at bay. Understanding the benefits of everyday herbs, spices and foods is just the start.

You will receive...

  • Hands on cooking demonstration
  • Recipes & a personalized nutrition plan
  • Modifications to enhance favorite recipes
  • A delicious, homemade meal
  • Confidence and comfort in the kitchen


  • Apply the fundamentals of Ayurveda to nutrition
  • Use common spice and herbs as medicine
  • Eat for your mind-body type
  • Create a balanced meal by incorporating the six tastes 
  • Prepare food for optimal digestion and absorption

$150 Private class (2 hours)
$260 Two person semi-private class (2 hours)
Class options are available for larger parties. To inquire about availability for a big group, please send an email to: sachi@elemental-alchemy.com


Elemental Alchemy dinners are relaxed and intimate. Each themed meal explores a different approach to mind-body health and corresponding techniques to align with nature’s rhythms.

In focusing inward, these dinners are opportunities to recognizes how we are in a living relationship with everything around us — we are a microcosm of the macrocosm. Therefore, to become our healthiest most vibrant self, we must understand how we relate to the natural world and how its governing elements become the building blocks for our own vitality — the key to our unique alchemy.

You will receive...

  • Everyday Ayurvedic Cooking: Easy Meals for Busy Days 
  • Food As Medicine: Everyday Cooking Series
  • Purify + Cleanse: How to Detox Without Going Hungry 
  • Seasonal Chai: Custom Blends & Tasting
  • Balance Your Hormones with Ayurveda


  • Spices That Nourish: A Dinner & Discussion
  • Intuitive Eating: What Your Body Really Wants 
  • January Jumpstart: New Year, New You
  • Self-Care for the Seasons
  • Listening In: The Wisdom of the Body

Dinners take place at Sachi’s home in Oakland, CA. Check here for upcoming dinners and sign up for Elemental Alchemy’s newsletter to be notified when future dinners become available. These events sell out!

Private dinners can be arranged. To inquire about availability and pricing, please send an email to: sachi@elemental-alchemy.com